lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

Mercyme - All that is whitin me (2008)

Track Listing:
1. goodbye ordinary
2. time has come
3. i know
4. god with us
5. sanctified
6. you reign
7. grace tells another story
8. alright
9. my heart will fly
10. finally home

Labels: Alternative Rock
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Marcela Gandara - Edicion Especial Digno es el Señor (2009)

Track Listing:
1.Vine a adorarte
2.Por las llagas
3.Mas fuerte que la vida
4.Mas allá de todo
5.Tu estás aquí
6.A Tí sea la gloria
7.Digno es el Señor
8.Alabanzas al Rey
9.Establece tu reino(bonus track)
10.Te necesito mas que ayer(bonus track)
11.Ven y llena esta casa(bonus track)

Labels: Praise and Worship
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Newsboys - In The Hands Of God (2009)

Track Listing:
1.The Way We Roll
2.No Grave
3.This Is Your Life
5.In The Hands Of God
6.The Upside
7.My Friend Jesus
8.Lead Me To The cross
10.RSL 1984

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viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

Nooma Dust 08

Dj Sa - Best Christian Remix 1 (2007)

Track Listing:
1.Shiloh - Reaction (David West Remix)
2.Delirious - Louder Than The Radio (Remix)
3.Plumb - Cut [Bronleewe and Bose Club Mix]
4.dba - Little Old Me (Uk Garage Mix)
5.Michael W. Smith - Let It Rain (Tresice Remix)
6.Gerald Troost - Binnen Geroepen (QuillRoader Remix)
7.MaryMary - Heaven (Spiritually Minded Remix)
8.Plumb - Damaged (Techno Remix)
9.Andy Hunter - To Live To Love (credric Gervais Remix Dub)
10.Sarrah Mclachlan - Noel (Quillroader mix)
11.Mute Math - Typical (Josh Harris Remix Edit)
12.Flyleaf - I’m So Sick (T-Virus remix)

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Dj Sa - Best Christian Remix 2 (2007)

Track Listing:
1.Sarah Mclachlan - Sweet Surrender (Club Mix)
2.Stacie Orrico - (There's Gotta Be) More to Life [Dr. Octavo Extended Mix]
3.David Crowder Band - O Praise Him (All This For A King) (Oceanic Mix)
4.Rebecca St. James - You Are Loved (hisboyelroy's funk house mix)
5.Plumb - Damaged (Club Mix)
6.Jars of Clay - Dead Man (Davide Loi rmx) (radio cut)
7.Dave Greenstuff - Before the Storm (Album version)
8.Fray - How To Save A Life (Untamed Society remix)
9.Dave Grobe - Freedom (Jesus Take My Hand) [DJ Sozo Remix]
10.DJ Onix - Fire for You (LaRue mix)
11.Superchic[k] - We Live (ThumpMonks vs. Superchic[k] Mix)
12.DC Talk - Jesus is still Alright (DJ Sozo Remix)

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Third Day - Wire (2004)

Track Listing:
1.Til the Day I Die
2.Come on Back to Me
5.I Believe
6.It's a Shame
8.I Got a Feeling
9.You Are Mine
11.Billy Brown
12.San Angelo
13.I Will Hold My Head High

Labels: Alternative Rock
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MercyMe Piano Tribute - Tribute Player (2008)

Track Listing:
1.God With Us
2.I Can Only Imagine
3.Bring The Rain
4.Word Of God, Speak
5.You Reign
6.So Long Self
8.Here With Me
9.In The Blink Of An Eye
10.Spoken For

Labels: Praise and Worship,Instrumental
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jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

Various Artists - Christian Grunge Collection (2009)

Track Listing:
1.Green Olive Tree - Cacophony
2.Green Olive Tree - Unassisted
3.Skypark - Christ Will Save You
4.Skypark - Wizard of Id
5.Common Children - Burn
6.Common Children - Indiscreet
7.Grammatrain - Psycho
8.Grammatrain - She Don’t Know
9.The Jelly Jam - Allison
10.The Jelly Jam - Not Today
11.GS Megaphone - Beautiful World
12.GS Megaphone - Prodigal Dad
13.Johnny Q. Public - Silver
14.Johnny Q. Public - Violin Song
15.Leaderdogs For The Blind - Better Ways
16.Leaderdogs For The Blind - Lemonade
17.Starflyer 59 - Hazel Would
18.Starflyer 59 - Sled
19.Room Full of Walters - Home
20.Room Full of Walters - Pete’s a Rocket Scientist
21.Spooky Tuesday - Why Do You Wait?
22.Spooky Tuesday - Wrong Image

Labels: Alternative Rock, Grunge
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Tonex - Unspoken (2009)

Track Listing:
1.Fiyah (Featuring Vango)
2.Bring It
6.Cool With U
9.Love Me 4 Me
10.When I Call
13.Face Down (Featuring T. Bizzy)

Labels: Christian Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B
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Heatseeker - Spiritual stream (2008)

Track Listing:
1.Delirious - Here I am send me (Nuckless Club Mix 2008)
2.Mutemath - Typical (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla Radio Mix)
3.Michael W. Smith - All I Want (Tresice Remix)
4.Kleys - Live Is Christ (Chris Le Rmx)
5.Shiloh Feat. Michelle Chivers - Vista Cruz (Vocal Mix)
6.Aura - Morning Star (Light Of Dawn Mix)
7.Prophetica - 1000 Times (DJ Light Remix)
8.Major Pax - Raising Faith (Tresice Remix)
9.Drew Lyddon - Beyond Imagination (Original mix)
10.Andy Hunter - Stars (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

Labels: Christian Electronic,Trance
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The Echoing Green - Songs Of Innocence & Experience: Hope And Science (2006)

Track Listing:
1. Science Fiction (when you smile)
2. Aurora (fact or fiction mix)
3. Ambler (demo)
4. Brand New Day (live)
5. Prodigal
6. Aurora (nightime for blue mix)
7. Candy Cane Carraige/Beleive
8. Arrival (wavegate anthem mix)
9. Aurora (aleixa meatshop mix)
10. End of the Day (micro-rythym meltdown)
11. Answer Me (live)
12. Arrival (hope mix)
13. End of the Day (eg vs. virus mix)
14. Aurora (chambermix)

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The Echoing Green - The Winter Of Our Discontent (2005)

Track Listing:
1. Daybreak
2. The Story Of Our Lives
3. Fall Awake
4. Apology
5. Bittersweet
6. Seaside
7. Starling
8. Blind
9. Someday
10. Epiphany
11. The Sparrows & The Nightingales
12. Winter
13. The Story Of Our Lives

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martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

We Shot The Moon - Fear And Love (2008)

Track Listing:
1. Hope
2. Faces
3. Sway Your Head
4. Perfect Time
5. Julie
6. Water’s Edge
8. In The Blue
9. On Your Way
10. Upon Waking She Found Herself A Cougar
11. Please Shine
12. Glass Windows
13. Welcome Home

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lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Los Científicos y Dios ...

Un señor de unos 70 años viajaba en el tren, y a su lado iba un joven universitario que estudiaba su libro de ciencias, mientras el anciano leía un libro de portada negra.
El joven percibió que se trataba de la Biblia ,y que estaba abierta en el Evangelio de Marcos.
Sin mucha ceremonia, el muchacho interrumpió la lectura del señor y le preguntó:

Señor, ¿usted todavía cree en ese libro lleno de fábulas y cuentos?

Sí, mas no es un libro de cuentos, es la Palabra de Dios.

¿Estoy equivocado? 

Pues claro que lo esta.

Creo señor que debería estudiar la historia universal. 
Vería que la Revolución Francesa , ocurrida hace más de 100 años, mostró la miopía de la religión. 

Solamente personas sin cultura todavía creen que Dios hizo el mundo en seis días.

señor debería conocer un poco más lo que nuestros científicos dicen de todo eso.

Y . . . ¿es eso lo que nuestros científicos dicen sobre la Biblia?

Bien, como voy a bajar en la próxima estación, no tengo tiempo de explicarle, pero déjeme su tarjeta con su dirección para mandarle material científico por correo con la maxima urgencia.

El anciano entonces, con mucha paciencia, abrió cuidadosamente el bolsillo derecho y le dio una tarjeta al muchacho.

Éste, al leer el nombre impreso allí, salió cabizbajo, sintiéndose más pequeño que una ameba.
La tarjeta decía: “Profesor Doctor Louis Pasteur, Director general del Instituto de investigaciones científicas, Universidad nacional de Francia”

“Un poco de ciencia nos aparta de Dios. Mucha, nos aproxima” Louis Pasteur.
(hecho verídico ocurrido en 1892, parte de una biografía)

Christian Alternative – Spring (2009)

Track Listing:
1. Superchick - Stand In The Rain
2. Worth Dying For - My Only One
3. Red - Fight Inside
4. Run Kid Run - Freedom
5. Nural - Stop Me When Youve Had Enough
6. Emery - Do The Things (You Want)
7. Saosin - Why Can't You See
8. Sound Method - Perfect
9. Conditions - Persona
10. Moneta - Letters
11. Before We Forget - How Long
12. Chasen - If It Comes Down
13. Ever Stays Red - Can't Explain
14. Foolish Things - Holding On To What Is Easy
15. This Beautiful Republic - For The Life Of Me
16. Pillar - State of Emergency
17. Addison Road - Always Love
18. Freaked! - Jesus Freak
19. Starfield - Great In All The Earth
20. Underroath - Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear
21. A Skylit Drive - Sleepwalker

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Foolish Things - Even Now (2008)

Track Listing:
1. Shooting in the Dark
2. Who'd You Put in Charge?
3. Even Now
4. Fly
5. Love Chained Me Here
6. Holding on to What Is Easy
7. Fight
8. Love Atmosphere
9. Keep Us Together
10. Let Go

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Grey holiday - Glorious Revolution (2007)

Track Listing:
1. glorious
2. let go
3. you belong to me
4. revolution
5. where you want me
6. low

Labels: Alternative Rock
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fighting instinct - fighting instinct (2006)

Track Listing:
1. i found forever
2. you don't known
3. crush
4. light my way
5. back to you
6. me hear cries out
7. the call
8. you found me first
9. all or nothing
10. just to please you

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Dante Gebel - La Gracia

Emmanuel Espinosa - Enseñame a vivir

Enseñame a vivir es una obra a todo color, sus paginas estan teñidas de los diversos matices que caracterizan la vida de los jovenes que siguen a Jesus. Emmanuel nos muestra a Dios y su amor a traves de su propia vida. Nos expone las frustraciones que cada uno de nosotros padecemos.

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Andy Hunter - TFP Episode 27(March 2009)

Track Listing:

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viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009


Dj Tony Foxx ft. Kees Kraayenoord "Remixed" (2007)

Track Listing:
1.Praises Of The Lamb (Lounge Remix)
2.Falling In Love (Lounge Remix)
3.Jesus More (Dance Remix)
4.The Father's Place (Dance Remix)
5.Oh God (Dance Remix)
6.This Is My Cry (Dance Remix)
7.Break Anthem (Break Trance Bonus Track)
8.Living Sacrifices (Trance Remix)
9.All That I Want (Trance Remix)
10. We Will Win (Trance Bonus Track)

Labels: Christian Electronic
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Falling Up - Fangs! (2009)

Track Listing:
1. A Colour Eoptian
2. Lotus and the Languorous
3. Streams of Woe at Acheron
4. Magician Reersed
5. Golden Arrows
6. The King's Garden
7. Panic and Geo-Primaries
8. The Moonn and Sixpence
9. Goddess of the Dayspring, Am I

10. The Sidewinder Flux
11. The Chilling Alpine Adventure
12. Swimming Towards Propellers

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Christian's Mix - 10 Gold Edition Megamix (2008)

Track Listing:
1.AJ Mora - Intro Soul of a DJ
2.AJ Mora - No No No No (Why Not Mix)
3.Nitro Praise - New Doxology
4.Dj Mouse - Dante gebel (trance-mix)
5.Barlow Girls - Never Alone (Prog Mix)
6.Disctronica - Set your affection (Electro Mix )
7.Cielo Santo - Libertad
8.DJ Amnesia - Melodia Celestial
9.michael w.smit - Let it Rain
10.AJ Mora - He is Love
11.Otro Cantar - Padre
12.Antena - Astronauta (Unmixed)
13.Ascension - Someone (Dave Londo & Filthy Rich Vocal Remix)
14.Annette Moreno - Jardin de Rosas
15.dba- Hidden Force (12')
16.dba - 3D 2002 (12'')
17.Danilo Montero - Eres todo poderoso (remix Dj jos!)
18.Luis Enrique Espinosa - Es Jesus
19.Plumb - Cut [Andy Hunter Mix]
20.DJ Light - True Faith (featuring Kenne)
21.Danilo Montero - te alavare
22.Armin Van Buuren vs. Rank1 - This World is watching me
23.Antolini And Montorsi - Father (Hardtrance Mix)
24.Marcos Witt - y todo ojo le vera
25.Andrew Bennett Feat Kirsty Hawkshaw - Heaven Sent (Vocal Mix)
26.carina moreno - estoy enamorado
27.DC Talk - Jesus Is Just Alright (Techno Remix)
28.Oakenfold Ft Onerepublic - Not Over (Kenneth Thomas Remix)
29.eres todo para mi
30.Van Lazarux feat. Dj Monik - The Guide Of The Universe (original_dub_mix)
31.Heloisa - Vem Andar Comigo (electromix)
32.The Fray - How To Save A Life [Retrobytes_Bootleg_Mix]
33.Prodigal Sons - Prosperity Tweekers
34.carina moreno - te amo
35.Tekara Feat Xan - Wanna Be An Angel (Art Of Trance Vs dba Remix)
36.Annette Moreno - Guardian de mi Corazon
37.Jos - Volver a Dios38- Delirious - Waiting for the Summer (The dba Mix)
39.Jars of Clay - Carry Me (Dead Man)(Remix)
40.Michael W, Smith - Draw Me Close To You (EuroTrance mix)
41.Dave Greenstuff - Before the Storm (Album version)
42.Danilo Montero - Eres todo poderoso (remix Dj jos!)
43.Oakenfold Ft Onerepublic - Not Over (Kenneth Thomas Remix)
44.Cielo Santo - En Silencio
45.dba - Go with the sun (The Total Eclipse Mix)
46.Rojo - Solo Tu (Euro MAZ Remix)
47.DJ Frank Nuckless Vs Delirious - Now Is the Time (Club_Mix)
48.Michael W. Smith - Let It Rain (Tresice Remix)
49.DC Talk - Jesus is still Alright (DJ Sozo Remix)
50.Plumb - Damaged (Club Mix)
51.Superchic[k] - We Live (ThumpMonks vs. Superchic[k] Mix)
52.Sarrah Mclachlan - Sweet Surrender (Dj Tiesto Club Mix)
53.Armando Flores & Jes - No me averguenzo
54.Sarrah Mclachlan - Noel (Quillroader mix)
55.Jaime Murrell Vs Ron Carroll - Venga Tu Reino + The Sermon (DJ Cuac MixDow)

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