jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

Various Artists - Christian Grunge Collection (2009)

Track Listing:
1.Green Olive Tree - Cacophony
2.Green Olive Tree - Unassisted
3.Skypark - Christ Will Save You
4.Skypark - Wizard of Id
5.Common Children - Burn
6.Common Children - Indiscreet
7.Grammatrain - Psycho
8.Grammatrain - She Don’t Know
9.The Jelly Jam - Allison
10.The Jelly Jam - Not Today
11.GS Megaphone - Beautiful World
12.GS Megaphone - Prodigal Dad
13.Johnny Q. Public - Silver
14.Johnny Q. Public - Violin Song
15.Leaderdogs For The Blind - Better Ways
16.Leaderdogs For The Blind - Lemonade
17.Starflyer 59 - Hazel Would
18.Starflyer 59 - Sled
19.Room Full of Walters - Home
20.Room Full of Walters - Pete’s a Rocket Scientist
21.Spooky Tuesday - Why Do You Wait?
22.Spooky Tuesday - Wrong Image

Labels: Alternative Rock, Grunge
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