miércoles, 7 de enero de 2009

Flame - Our World: Redeemed (2008)

Track Listing:
1. Flash Back (Intro)
2. Funeral to Birthday featuring Json & Kenny Petty
3. Go Buck
4. Who Can Pluck Us
5. It's You featuring Robert Don Barham
6. Confession (Interlude)
7. Hold On
8. I Been Redeemed featuring Trip Lee
9. On That Cross
10. See More Him (Intro)
11. See More Him
12. Power In Your Name featuring Dawn Dia
13. Drama of Redemption (Interlude)
14. It?s All Gon? Pass featuring Future & Iz-Real
15. 2nd Coming featuring shai linne & Pastor Jeff White
16. Joyful Noise featuring Lecrae & John Reilly

Labels: Christian Hip-Hop, Christian Rap
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Listen Sample 'Joyful Noise ft Lecrae and John Reilly'

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